Welcome to the website of Art2Print. On our website you can find further information regarding our Live Walpapers, 3D prints, and the foundations we support.

Art2Print strifes to combine traditional artwork with the latest available technologies, making this artwork available to everyone. The portraits are not only available as a 3D sculptures, but also as live wallpapers (LWP) for your android smartphone. The wallpapers can be downloaded at “the Google Play store”.

Live wallpapers
If you have downloaded one of our LWP’s in the play store, we want to make you aware of the following: The LWP is establised using several different diciplines. The portrait was created by hand in Clay. Once the portrait is finished, it is photographed using the digital technology allowing us to recreate the portrait as wallpaper images. During 2014 we are planning to launch additional LWP’s in the Google play-store. Our website will announce when the new LWP’s are available.

3D prints
3D printing is a brand new technology. What we could not imagine a couple of years ago is becoming reality now. This new technology allows the use of numerous materials and, provided that an accurate file is created, the details are amazing and reproduction of the original artwork is easy. Because our portraits are created in clay by the artist, they have a classical feel that is preserved when reproduced. As mentioned before, a great advantage of these new techniques is the flexibility in its use of formats and materials. A portrait of the pope in bronze would not be a problem.

Our portraits will become available in the webshop of Shapeways. On this website you can select the format, material and color yourself.

Our team at Art2Print:

Our team consists of:
Herma Schellingerhoudt: Artist of the original portraits
Peter de Haan: Technical support
Gert de Haan: Digital Technical support