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Art2Print is an initiative of Art Centre Zutphen and I.E.D. Deventer (3D-Printshop Deventer).

Herma Schellingerhoudt: Artist and portraitist of Art Center Zutphen
Peter de Haan:  Functional and technical Designer from Art Centre Zutphen. 
Gert de Haan: Technician, functional and technical designer and owner of 3D Printshop Deventer a division of I.E.D. Deventer.

The members of our team have very diverse backgrounds, allowing us to make our original pieces of art available to everone who is interested. We incorporate a traditional craft with the latest technologies. Our portraits are scanned as 3D files that can be reproduced in many formats and materials. Each portrait will become available as an APP for your  Android smartphone.

Contact information :

Art Centre Zutphen
Herma Schellingerhoudt and Peter de Haan
Marsweg 115-1C
7202 AT Zutphen
The Netherlands
+31 (0)6-53524066 / +31 (0)6-22475460

3D Printshop Deventer
Gert de Haan
Salomonszegel 29
7422 LH Deventer
The Netherlands
+31 (0)570-651917 / +31 (0)615-060604